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State of the construction process

The project of BRASCUBA in Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) begins very well in 2018. Phase 1 of the construction project, executed by the Cuban Company of Construction and Assembly of Mariel, has already finished and the large terrace where they are going to erect industrial buildings and socio-administrative buildings is already finished. Simultaneously, the negotiation process was carried out for Phase 2, which should begin in January, which will be executed by the construction company China Communication Construction Company (CCCC) and consists of the civil construction and assembly of all the facilities of the factory. It is expected that in the last quarter of 2018 the ships of Primary and Secondary will be ready to begin the installation and assembly of the machinery by their manufacturers.

On the way to Mariel...
But that has not been all in this 2017. After having approved the organizational structure of Human Resources with a view to the new factory in Mariel, the preparation and change work began. One of the important actions carried out prior to the Brascuba del Futuro event was the application of the research tool known as FOCUS GROUP to 18 workers from different areas of BRASCUBA. The most significant of this technique is that everything that those involved manifest is considered a "fact", that is, at that moment there is nothing right or wrong, but everything that is expressed is recorded, and then, in another instance, to perform a deep analysis. FOCUS GROUP was well received by all and the contributions really contributed considerably to continue the next steps.

Leaders workshop
Then the leaders began to be deeply involved in this process, who provided the information to their teams. It all started with a first meeting, where Professor Manuel Calviño gave a lecture on the management of change and the importance of the leader's role in that change. Afterwards, the company's vision was shared with the leaders, the projection of sales and the volume of production with the necessary support, with respect to statistics and analysis that showed that evolution in the economy of the country and in exports, as well as everything referred to the compensatory package and the benefits for the workers. The second meeting opened a space for questions and doubts regarding the information that was to be explained later to each team and the day closed with a playful dynamic that helped to reinforce the contents, and where a very energetic work environment was generated and positive. On both occasions, a satisfaction survey was applied with very good results, which also showed that this type of activity was more requested.

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BRASCUBA del Futuro
All this process preceded the event BRASCUBA del Futuro, whose first part was held in the theater of the Ministry of Agriculture, held on November 18, which provided detailed information on ZEDM, called to become one of the fundamental pillars of Cuban economic development. The event was chaired by executives from ZEDM, the Ministry of Agriculture, Tabacuba and BRASCUBA, among others. Issues of great importance were addressed that morning, especially those related to the technological innovations that the new factory will bring to support growth, how it will be structurally, its advantages over the current one, the plan of transition of human resources to ZEDM and the program of improvements and benefits to the workers, because if the construction of the factory and the equipment of the machineries  is important, more important is to have there with the right people and prepared to take on the challenge.

Then the leaders got involved in this process and exchanged with the workers for discussion groups, to know what they thought, what doubts they had, to answer them, to be satisfied and that we could know their willingness to join the factory in Mariel. The atmosphere that was generated was energetic and positive.

A phrase pronounced by our Cuban co-president, Roberto R. Sánchez Esquivel: "The starter engine worked" became an unforgettable motto. And it is very significant that our company is at the forefront among those who must designate approved workers to settle in Mariel. A pioneer once again, as it was more than 20 years ago, in its new ZEDM factory, which will open doors in the dawn of 2019, it offers the majority of its workers a unique opportunity to grow alongside it and reach higher levels of productivity, efficiency and job security.

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Other aspect of utmost importance, which visitors could appreciate, was the one referred to the negotiations with the bidding construction companies, which participate in the concurrency process developed by our company for the construction of phase 2, whose process began on October 23 last March and is currently in the stage of reviewing the technical and commercial offers received, and then enter into the commercial negotiation, which will finally allow the construction company to be chosen to carry out the civil construction and assembly of the auxiliary facilities (engineering utilities) of the new factory.