brascuba en zedmGustavo Rodríguez Rolledo, Minister of Agriculture, held on July 4 a new visit to the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZDEM), to see how the completion of construction in phase 1 (earth movement) and the progress in the negotiations for phase 2 (civil construction and assembly of the factory).

On this occasion, he was accompanied by Vladímir Rodríguez, Vice President of Tabacuba, and Alejandro Carvajal, Development Director of the aforementioned business group, who attends to the investments. Omar Muñoz, director of the Expansion Project of BRASCUBA, toured with the visitors the areas of the land where the final works of the first phase of the construction are carried out, so that they could verify, in situ, that the large terrace on which they will be erected the main work objects are practically ready, and the work of regularization in small areas of cutting of the land is pending, as well as the finishing of the slopes, mostly with tens of meters of extension.

Another aspect of great importance that visitors could appreciate was the negotiations with the bidding construction companies, which participate in the process of competition developed by our company for the construction of Phase 2, whose process began on 23 last March and is currently in the stage of reviewing the technical and commercial offers received, and then enter into the commercial negotiation, which will finally allow the construction company to be chosen to carry out the civil construction and assembly of the auxiliary facilities ( engineering utilities) of the new factory.