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It is already nineteen years since its foundation and BRASCUBA still continues to achieve success characterized by a productive and commercial growth, and sustained quality; all this due to the talent and dedication of its almost 400 staff that has managed to make the Company attain the results amassed during all these years.

The nonstop enhancement of the quality of our cigarettes is encouraged and guided by the Management System established under the ISO 9001 International Quality Standards requirements of 2008, which constitute an added value for the Company´s trade dress due to its high impact on our consumers’ satisfaction.

The consumer’s satisfaction has been and continues to be the basic premise of our company´s staff which relies on an advanced technological system which allows, at all times, to check out cigarette samples in order to verify the size, weight, circumference, pressure drop, and ventilation, among other parameters that every manufacture should guarantee.

An effective distribution and sales system ensures a nationwide coverage in almost 7,000 sales outlets that are timely supplied by an efficient selling network, renowned and valued by all clients nationwide. Added to this is the constant technological innovation and renovation, the highly qualified workforce and the praiseworthy performance confirmed by numerous awards and accolades bestowed.

BRASCUBA has the ability to take on new challenges. The biggest one is to contribute to the attainment of the origin quality brand for the Cuban cigarette.