cabecera talento humano

fundadores brascubaThe human talent in BRASCUBA plays a momentous role since it generates riches, is responsible for leading the Company to excellence and competitiveness, not only with its effort but also with its expertise, experiences, motivation, interests, gifts and attitude, abilities and a high commitment with the fate of its institution.
As regards human talent, it is a must to talk about the 60 founders of the Company who have been real examples for the rest of the workers which make a very young and qualified staff that has made possible the present perception about BRASCUBA. For the founders, BRASCUBA has been a learning process, a challenge, their second home, and a change in their lives.

Without that emotional and intellectual capital of 400 persons making up the Company´s staff, and whose efficiency has been and is daily put to test, BRASCUBA Cigarrillos S.A. would not have attained the level of recognition and respect that it enjoys today nationally and internationally.

To a great extent, this has been possible because BRASCUBA´s management has created an agreeable working environment in every one of its areas as well as an attention and care of the staff ever and ever closer to its interests and needs. It has been possible to promote and encourage the active participation of all its collaborators in the different fields of business activity and human talent development through the training and requalifying programs regardless of age, position, gender, cultural level, or seniority in the company.