The trend towards a slight increase in tobacco consumption at world level is conditioned, in the first place, to the impact represented by the Chinese market. Nevertheless, it is a fact that in general but particularly in countries with a greater development, cigarettes consumption is decreasing due to a rise on taxes, the limitations to publicity, the establishment of “smoke-free” areas: all of these, policies implemented by governments under the orientation and support of the WHO.

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  • According to WHO, there are more than 1,250 million smokers in the world (2010).

  • The breakdown by gender is 47 % of men and 11 % of women which, within this age group, consume an average of 14 cigarettes a day, which entail a total of 5,827 trillion cigarettes a year.

  • Almost 80% of the more than a thousand million smokers around the world live in countries with medium or low income.

  • Due to its large population volumes, China, India and Russia are the countries with most of the smokers of the world.