cabecera mercados internacionales flechas

Vis-a-vis exportations
Since its creation, BRASCUBA conceived exportations as a key element in its mission. From that moment on, and up to this date, cigarettes have been exported to 58 countries through 110 clients in four continents. The experience gained allows BRASCUBA to adapt its products to the needs of the different target markets, guaranteeing products of international quality, and conscientiously meeting the standing sanitary regulations, always with the timely support of its international network of distributors.mundo-lupa

At present, our products are commercialized in so different markets such as Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Egypt, South Africa and Dubai, among others. We continue to work to take the quality of the Cuban cigarette to all corners of the world.

BRASCUBA´s strategy is focused on different versions of cigarettes with a high quality and adapting ourselves to the demands of an ever more demanding market, as well as on identifying the best distributors for each market: those capable of providing a better access of our products to the smokers overseas, this guaranteeing a permanent availability of those products.

BRASCUBA´s mission and permanent challenge is to place the authentic “Cuban taste” in a cigarette of international quality for the enjoyment of the most demanding smokers worldwide.