The largest tobacco companies in the world agreed upon the International Standards for Commercialization of Tobacco Products in order to guarantee an accountable distribution and promotion, which should be established on a voluntary basis in each of the world markets. BRASCUBA´s commitment starts from a basic premise: these standards should be known and practiced by all.

BRASCUBA distributes and commercializes its products on the basis of the respect for the consumer, the attachment to the principles of commercialization defined by Souza Cruz, the Cuban institutions and the standing international standards. We run close to 7,000 sales outlets in charge of an accountable commercialization, ensuring that distribution is:
  •    Addressed to only adult smokers (over 18 years old) and not to minors.
  •    Based on the principle of a well-informed adult´s choice.
  •    No publicity should: be aimed to be attractive or show minors; be under the auspices of a celebrity; suggest that the majority of persons are smokers, or that they have gained athletic, professional or sexual success.
  •   Every publicity action should contain a clearly visible health warning.
  •    Reasonable measures will be taken to prevent that minors have access to cigarettes sold in vending machines.