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Our local market
BRASCUBA commercializes its cigarettes in the hard currency segment of the market, which represents close to 20% and whose main characteristic is being a segment of medium and high prices where BRASCUBA cigarettes are leaders due to their quality. BRASCUBA stands out in this market for its commitment to meet all sanitary regulations established by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP). This institution regulates the existence of sanitary warnings in the packages that should occupy 60% of one of its sides.

The Cuban cigarettes market is characterized by an atypical distribution as regards the “blends” used while the cigarettes manufactured with black tobacco take up the biggest share of the market. Among BRASCUBA´s achievements in this market, undoubtedly stands out its effort to increase the presence of filters in the market. Thanks to our cigarettes, the culture and consumption of filtered cigarettes has increased thus contributing to the quality of the Cuban cigarette.