icono gestion calidad ENFrom last June 26 and until July 3 our company received the visit of an internal audit, with the objective of evaluating the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS), under the criteria of ISO 9001-2015: use of the declared documentation, effectiveness of the use of the Kawak system and how to verify the level of compliance with the objectives by processes, with a view to the preparation and organization for the external audit, which was subsequently carried out.

21 processes were audited and although a considerable number of nonconformities and observations were detected as findings, we must assume and confront them, the strengths that showed this internal audit exercise showed that we are working in an organized manner and in search of continuous improvement: a group of internal auditors committed to the quality policy of the company and high professionalism in the exercise of internal audit; the resources available for the conformity of the SGC and the work done by the SGC's documentation, in the orientation, supervision and updating of the documentation. The external documentary audit was carried out on July 6 and 7, by the Bureau Veritas certifying body, all in order to achieve the certification of the SGC under the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

The external audit exercise was finally carried out between July 19 and 20, by the certifying bodies of the National Bureau of Normalization and Bureau Veritas. The 22 processes of our QMS were audited and the results were satisfactory. Only three findings were detected: one Non-conformity and two Observations, so that we were able to demonstrate that with the effort of all of us, it was possible to move to ISO 9001: 2015. This was a congratulation of the management of BRASCUBA to heads of processes, internal auditors and workers, who contributed their knowledge and experiences to achieve this result.

To finalize the process of transit to the new Standard, the causes of the Non-Conformity were analyzed and the plan of actions for its follow-up was created. The certifying bodies must process and process the information, and continue the procedure so that we receive, later, the long-awaited certification of our SGC, under the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard