somos brascubaIndeed, BRASCUBA is, without doubt, a current company in motion, or as defined by all those who are firmly committed to its development, according to the principles of modern business: an excellent place to work. Every day it is more important to have perfectly designed processes to achieve positive results.

Having a clear vision and mission of the company, and doing the same with the values, became a sine qua non requirement to complete the foundations of any organization. Values, sense of belonging and commitment are factors of the first order for any modern entity; more than individual incarnation, they become aware of its necessity and effectiveness. This impregnates optimism, strength and vitality to the company. Meditating on this essential aspect of the personal role within the company, we see it reflected in many of the articles that make up this issue of SOMOS BRASCUBA: important facts reflect the actions of the areas, which pay tribute to the development of values in our collective.

We can talk about the BRASCUBA Expansion Project in Mariel, which will improve the processes; the incorporation of new workers, which undoubtedly will lead to more and better results, both quantitatively and qualitatively; congratulate the Parents Day and the Tobacco Worker's Day; the development of social responsibility actions with the sponsorship of children without filial protection; the Certification audit of our QMS, in which a satisfactory result was appreciated; and the broad training plan developed.

We thus move forward in the search for raising levels of satisfaction and dignity of the worker (man / woman), making it possible to change the ability of the group, not only to meet their individual commitments, but also to continue giving the best of each one. in favor of the proposed objectives and reach the sense of belonging, since this strengthens the feeling "we are all one", which is like saying "we all belong to each other and therefore we must help each other".

What better example than the name and content of this internal body of communication? WE ARE BRASCUBA, that is what we have called you to reflect our achievements, objectives and internal life, because we feel that the company is the result of our joint action: we are body, thought and action of everything that means to belong to an efficient collective. And nobody asks us. We are born from the heart.