hollywood freshBRASCUBA, Cigarrillos S.A. ratifies again its character of an innovative company, when it made known the novelties of its brand portfolio, during the development of the XXXV edition of the International Fair of Havana. Let’s remember that in January of this year, our company presented to the Cuban market, the prestigious brand of Dunhill cigarettes -in its Master and Refined Blend versions-. A few months later he launched an unprecedented and versatile proposal of the brand: the Dunhill Double Capsule, exclusive mentholated product, which includes two capsules with complementary essences in the filter, which allows the consumer, for the first time, to explore varied sensations of flavor.

Consistently and within the category of mentholated products, the Hollywood Fresh with Capsule is added now, as the most recent scoop introduced by our company. With this improvement, the traditional menthol Hollywood cigarette is added a flavor capsule in the filter. The result? A significant increase in menthol, which can be accepted or not by the consumer.

It is worth mentioning that cigarettes with a capsule, although they are sold in Cuba less than five years ago, through the importation of recognized international brands, no previous manufacturing data are registered in the country until October 9, 2017 (date that coincides with the start of Hollywood production with Capsule), so the release of this version also represented an important milestone in the history of the national cigar industry, as it was the first domestic cigarette with a capsule, made by Cuban hands in a factory located in Cuba. Hollywood Fresh with Capsule is already available in around seven thousand points of sale throughout the country, for the value of 1.50 CUC, an amount that represents half the price of their counterparts in the market.

Another of the exclusives introduced by our company in the last quarter of 2017 includes the offer of products in new formats: Hollywood Ice, in a case of ten cigarettes, and Popular Auténtico, in a hard pack (presentation that confers elegance and greater flavor protection). All these proposals show that BRASCUBA continues betting on innovation -through investments in competitive technology-, with a view to diversifying its portfolio and guaranteeing the satisfaction of the needs and interests of the consumer.