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The automation of the sales force is a trend that takes advantage of new technological applications, with the main objective of improving and increasing the productivity of a company in the delivery of its products and services.

There is no doubt that mobile technology contributes qualitatively in commercial management. Smartphones (smart mobile phones) are progressively becoming essential tools for all those sales forces that want to stand out above the average.



Since its inception BRASCUBA Cigarrillos SA, has been characterized by being a leader in sales management and distribution, staying at the forefront, compared to other Cuban companies that, as Brascuba, are dedicated to the sale and distribution of products high rotation.

Since its foundation in 1996, all the operations of its sales fleet were based on the use of mobile technology of the moment and this placed it at an advanced level since then. That is why it was proposed a few years ago to get involved in updating the sales system and the devices used for this process. All this by designing an Android application that would provide the company with more efficient sales and distribution management.

In this way, BC360 (Brascuba 360), a custom-made application, which as its name implies, provides the sales team and the Company with a much more complete market vision, emerges. It offers, from an advanced management of clients, to the management of performance reports and the passage through all the activities related to the sale. All this is done from a multi-role perspective, which complements Brascuba's action in front of the points of sale, where it is already known for the high rigor of its work.

BC360 was developed within the framework of a project, in which the organization, effort and intellect of its specialists prevailed. TGI (Chile), SMF Consulting (Spain), together with the Computer Management and the Vice Sales Direction of Brascuba, concluded after 2 years of work, on October 20 with the implementation of the application throughout the national territory.

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This system is also accompanied by a parallel solution, in the testing phase and developed jointly with the Cuban company DESOFT whose purpose is the forecasting of the sales objectives. This solution will provide the Marketing staff with more precise statistical analysis, which will result in advantages in management decision making.

BC360 runs on phones with Android OS, managed and acquired for the project. Resistant models and endowed with characteristics that allow an excellent performance during the working day.

One element of crucial importance is the automation of sales orders, which previously was very expensive due to the number of intermediate systems involved in the processing of the data; in addition, it guarantees the massive and directed management of managerial messages that offer necessary last-minute information to the entire sales fleet in the country and that appears in the application before the start of the day and at no cost. Provides greater control of all Points of Sale (POS), from the registration and  immediate modification of these "on site"; improvement and personalization of sales statistics; inclusion of new functionalities for the management of the entire product delivery process at the point; more intuitive stock taking; purchase of merchandise and manual invoicing, with its complete folios management; merchandising management, which contains a census of pieces and requests that handle the needs for each POS; multiple reports that provide information and overview of daily work; correction of inventory in the sales carts; movements of warehouses that control the transfer of merchandise between the distribution carts and the return of products to and from the territorial warehouse corresponding to the location of each zone; automatic reconciliation of the entire inventory of products in the car, offering total control of all merchandise used during the working day in real time.

For the Sales team, the new application overcomes the previous one, because now they have the freedom to perform functions that they did not have before. Something totally innovative is the efficient role management provided by this new system. For the BRASCUBA sellers, BC360 is very easy to use and allows them to be one step ahead when meeting the sales objectives; it makes them more efficient and better sellers.

All these advantages are complemented by the direct exchange of information from and to the company's central servers, from the same terminal, avoiding the daily return to the deposits of each province for the acquisition or sending of the information of each day.

The significant technological leap represented by BC360 is the result of hard work and its implementation strengthens the Blue Wolves, as the sales team calls itself. Now they are in a better position to pursue objectives, plan and coordinate how to attack the market. Its enormous capacity for action now has a fundamental tool, which, if it was previously advanced, now is of the latest generation, and allows them to overcome any adversity, and consolidate as leaders in their environment.