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On November 1, the International Labor Organization (ILO) proclaimed its campaign for the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, whose main objective was focused on the fundamental need of countries to improve their capacity to collect and use reliable data on Health and Safety at Work. Cuba was not unaware of this celebration. Every year, from November 1 to November 30, the unions - throughout the country - involve all of their workers in dissimilar actions aimed at preserving adequate environments in the workplace.

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Of course, BRASCUBA was not the exception. Our company was also immersed in this National Day of Safety and Health at Work, by organizing a group of proactive actions that were based on the "Towards zero accident" campaign, with the motivating idea of creating a qualified staff culture on the importance of avoiding accidents at work. One of the main activities with which we began the day was the location, in visible places, of allegorical messages to the campaign and, at the same time, we organized training actions, among which stood out discussions, workshops, meetings, debates and others, leading to raise within the labor collective the requirement on compliance with the rules of Safety and Health at Work, in the most dangerous positions, from a consistent work that contributes to eliminate risks and extreme measures to face, prevent and mitigate work accidents.

Certainly, the accident rate in BRASCUBA has diminished considerably in this year that ends, if we compare it with 2016; However, the events that have taken place require greater concern on the part of the administrations and trade union leaders. Multiple and varied have been the actions and measures adopted in this direction. "To demand is to prevent", "To work with security guarantees health" and "Hygiene, fundamental premise for health" are the collateral slogans that accompanied this journey; in our company we have become fully aware of the responsibility involved in reducing accident rates and the adequate environmental quality of the work environment.

The wellness of the workers, the environment of the center and its surroundings, the professional illnesses and the impact of the work accidents -insisted- are vital aspects that must continue to be perfected, in the conformation of a labor strategy that takes into account the health and safety of all those involved in the production and service processes. As in saving the art of saving, the National Day of Safety and Health in the workplace will contribute to raise the training of workers and to influence the risks and vulnerabilities where they exist. BRASCUBA is immersed in this important management. There is still much to be done; but the greatest driving force of this process is in our human capital.