COHIBA The brand designed for smokers who always select the best..

COHIBA is a premium cigarette of black tobacco, heir to the quality of the brand and possessing a distinctive aroma due to the exclusive selection of the Vuelta Abajo leaves, where the best tobacco in the world grows.

Since its emergence in 1987, these cigarettes have been symbols of high quality in the national and international market. In 2003 BRASCUBA began the production and commercialization of the COHIBA cigarette, with its Original version, a 100% black tobacco product, of authentic flavor and exceptional quality, aimed at the consumer of Premium cigarettes in the domestic market. In 2006, the results of its sales began to be sold worldwide.
Endorsed by the heritage of the cigars, the brand has a quality image that places it in very favorable conditions to reposition itself in some of the current export markets and for its introduction into new markets.

With the veins strung the tobacco undertakes its careful process of air curing, which is responsible for removing moisture and coat the leaves with a golden carmelite dye. After aging, the leaves are ready for a new selection. Intended for the Premium smoker, Cohiba cigarettes become a symbol of high quality and prestige. This distinction responds to the exclusive aroma and flavor of tobacco leaves from Vuelta Abajo, the best tobacco area in the world. Available in three versions –


COHIBA Original

A 100% black tobacco product, with authentic flavor and exceptional quality.

COHIBA Predilecto

Product balanced with that unique aroma and flavor of Cuban tobacco.


Un cigarrillo que garantiza, junto a la perfección del tabaco cubano, el más delicado de los sabores.