COHIBA Predilecto emerges as a version of COHIBA, in 2011 that delivers a smoker with less impact, lighter, with a link of 61.5% of blond tobacco and 38.5% of black tobacco, thus diversifying the range of products of the brand with a view to increase its attractiveness for current consumers of export markets.
It is created with the intention of achieving a distinctive flavor in products with blond tobacco through the incorporation of black tobacco, forming a mulatto blend designed to compete with the brands of black and blond cigarettes that are full flavor.


COHIBA Original

A 100% black tobacco product, with authentic flavor and exceptional quality.

COHIBA Predilecto

Product balanced with that unique aroma and flavor of Cuban tobacco.


Un cigarrillo que garantiza, junto a la perfección del tabaco cubano, el más delicado de los sabores.