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Responsability at work. Consumer´s protection

Corporate social responsibility is still extremely important and of great concern in today´s world, particularly in the tobacco business community. It is known as: social responsibility, sustainable development, or corporate ethics, just to mention a few.

At present, it is no secret that nicotinism is considered a serious public health problem because of the chemical dependence it causes.

In Cuba, public policies in this regard are well defined but its own characteristics conspire against the application of strict control measures. This is due to the fact that Cuba is a country that produces cigar and cigarettes with deeply-rooted habits as to everyday, cultural and political matters which make Cuba, regardless of gender, age, creeds or educational level, a nation of smokers. Nevertheless, in Cuba there is a total awareness of the importance of this matter and so there is a Prevention and Control Program conceived with a national scope and a systematic, integral, interdisciplinary and intersectorial nature.

BRASCUBA, aware that cigarette is a controversial, additive and harmful product, supports all restrictions on its sales to the under-18, and its consumption in public places, mass transportation vehicles, educational centers and institutions, health and sports facilities, and so does not promote advertising activities. These and other measures bear witness not only to the business commitment but also to the attachment to the Cuban ministry of Public Health policies and international standards as regards production, marketing, and distribution of the product.