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  • The result of the dreams and efforts of Brazilians and Cubans.
  • A stable production, selected raw materials, leading-edge technology, constant training, and suitable working conditions.
  • Satisfaction for the client, research and zeal for quality as our motto.
  • An efficient direct distribution to almost 7,000 sales outlets all across the country.
  • An ethical and social responsibility in Cuba and in every market, and a strict compliance with the protection of the consumer all around the world.
  • A winner of medals, awards, and accolades that bear witness to its guarantee of origin, the quality of its cigarettes both centenarian and modern, and whose motto is: TO MAKE MORE AND WELL.
  • Mission and Vision ruled by accountability and mutual respect for the clients.

Popular was the cigarettes brand that premiered BRASCUBA portfolio and constitutes an attribute that denotes quality. Painters are popular, stained glasses are popular, poets are popular, and so are the Cuban heroes. Popular is the best among the good, and BRASCUBA has grown amidst it.

The cigarettes brands portfolio, a genuine blend of the best of Cuban tobacco, endorses the guarantee of origin. They are cigarettes of quality, both centenarian and modern. Their motto: to rank first in the domestic market, to export to satisfy new markets, and renovate everyday what has already been done with the productivity demanded these days.