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Quality in constant evolution
Created since the foundation of BRASCUBA, the Area for Quality has a highly-qualified and experienced personnel. In its early times, the system was basically manual but since the year 2000 there were changes in procedures, measuring equipment, and methods. The system of Finished Product Inspection was replaced by the international Final Product Inspection that involves indicators during and after the product manufacturing, and new measuring equipment linked to workstations, as well as automated quality systems, were purchased. These mean visual training tools aimed mainly to obtain faster and more reliable results.
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Today, the opportunities for improvement of the products and the way to resolve this are well identified.
Other achievements are related to the integration into the region and the studies in the IIT, for future chemical and physical analysis of the product in the country. Also the SGC has been key to improve the quality of the system, for since its implantation in 2007 it has provided a greater credibility and an added value for the products, either inside and outside the organization with the support of a team of inside auditors that contribute to the improvement of the processes of the product and of the system in question.

Day after day, steps have been taken to turn BRASCUBA into the dreamed company with satisfactory relations of mutual respect, legitimate interests and of sincere collaboration. These have been years of learning, of goals fulfilled, and of confidence on an even more successful future to come.

Year after year, important technological upgradings have been made, national and international brands have been introduced, and a solid portfolio has been formed that satisfies Authenticity and Quality of the Cuban Cigarette.

BRASCUBA has a highly qualified workforce with around 400 workers who play a leading role in their own success and the recognition of its brands. These results have been possible thanks to the selection of the best raw materials, the high reliability and precision of its equipment and high-tech systems, the most strict quality control, the highly qualified workforce, the national commercialization that distributes to almost 7,000 sales outlets, the seriousness and accountability of the service rendered to the international distributors, and the shared management on the base of ethics, accountability and mutual respect.

The process

Since the very first moment the tobacco leaf is picked in the field until it is finely cut to be stuffed in the cigarette, many persons are dedicated to every step of the process to finally obtain a product of top quality.

This finished product is packed in packages protected with special materials: aluminum, polypropylen, paper, and cardboard. They are grouped in packs that are transferred to a packaging line in order to be sent to a retailer business.The package of cigarettes is relatively fragile and not always is one aware of that. If they are placed close to products that expel odors such as perfumes, soaps, and the like, they may be contaminated and loose its organoleptic characteristics.

To provide the cigarette with its own space in the warehouse and present it adequately exhibited in the sales outlet is key in preserving the quality produced.