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Welcome to BRASCUBA Cigarrillos S.A.


«So chosen the tobacco harvest, or rather, chosen each leaf of each bush of each vega, will leave the tobacco of its agricultural cycle for the industry, the pleasure …»
Fernando Ortiz

Joint Venture Cuban/Brazilian Company

BRASCUBA, Cigarrillos S.A. welcomes you to its official website where you will be able to learn about our history, brands, versions, protection for the consumer, accountable management, and other topics related to our business activity inside and outside Cuba. Thanks for visiting us and showing your interest in the production of those authentic Havana cigarettes, heir to a tradition and manufactured with the selection of the best Cuban tobacco leaves.

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ZED Mariel Project

modulo ZEDM 2018 2

BRASCUBA in ZEDM, on the eve of 2018

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Zed Mariel

Brascuba en la ZEDM

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