trabajadores brascuba 2Today, our country faces great challenges that have led to accelerated changes in economic and commercial life - an statement that is not a secret for anyone. Multiple are the examples. It is enough to mention the process of opening to foreign investment, the diversification of mechanisms to carry out foreign trade, and the need to continue introducing Cuban products in new markets, whose demands force us to make changes in business management and raise the competitiveness of all productions.

The State is committed to guaranteeing that our business system is constituted by efficient, well-organized and effective entities; to fulfill that legacy, since 2007 BRASCUBA, Cigarrillos S.A. certifies its Quality Management System (QMS): we start with the certification of ISO 9001: 2000 and then we move on to ISO 9001: 2008. Since mid-2016 we have worked with a broad plan of activities to maintain the status of a Certified Company and move to the Standard 9001: 2015: recruitment and training of internal auditors, interpretation courses for the new standard by process managers and internal auditors, conducting strong internal audits, among others.

This positive work brought the company, in the month of October, achieved the Certification of its Quality Management System under the criteria of ISO 9001: 2015. All that remained was to receive the certification issued by the Bureau Veritas and the National Standardization Office (ONN) and it had just happened: the ONN has renewed the Quality Management System Certification of BRASCUBA, Cigarrillos SA, by resolution 153/2017, of last November 22, and a congratulation to the collective of workers and the call to maintain and improve the demonstrated effectiveness, for the benefit of customers and society in general. They are excellent news without doubts to close this 2017 on a high note.

At BRASCUBA we work tirelessly to guarantee that our products and services fulfill the requirements and expectations of our customers, and having our QMS certified again is a fact that makes us proud, endorses and promotes. Congratulations to all the BRASCUBA workers!